The Best Real Estate Event In New England Is BACK!

Learn the systems and processes to get off-market motivated seller leads before they hit the MLS! AND how to fund your deals with ZERO DOLLARS and bad credi!

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Location: Burlington MA

Time: Saturday, June 11th & Sunday, June 12th

Cost: $3995 $1995.99 RSVP Special

We will teach you all the real estate strategies, forms, contracts, raising capital, proper rehabbing, and seller financing, and that is just the beginning

What We'll Cover

Everything you need

Setting Up Your Business

Step By Step Instructions & Checklists to


How to Properly Set Up Your Response & Tracking Systems

Top 3 Ways to Consistently Pull-in Deals

How to Keep the Marketing Systems GOING

How to navigate the current and ever-changing markets

Case Studies

And SO much more

But that’s just the beginning of our journey together.

Learn to LIVE BETTER, using real estate as our tool

Who Is This Event For?

You’ve seen that infomercial, taken that course, signed up for that mentorship program…

And you’re still only doing 4, 1, or ZERO deals this year.

Or envy that real estate investor you see on social media constantly on vacations driving expensive cars.

You are an agent struggling to find properties during this crazy market and looking to expand your business.

If you are craving a new life with an abundance of freedom financially and with your family.

Anyone that wants to learn how to get consistent off-market leads for their business in real estate and how to work with the sellers directly.

This event is for anyone, any age, any occupation, whether you are a Real Estate agent, Investor, Fix and Flippers, Contractors, Electricians, Plumber or just getting started to take the leap to join us for REI Intensive Weekend.

Meet Nick and Gordon

Your Event Hosts

-Reset Kings

Both Nick and Gordon were stuck working the average 9-5s, little to no time with family, exhausting themselves just to get themselves and the families by. Both decided they wanted more, with no background in real estate and over 100k in credit card debt each attempted every flashy guru's investing course which left them in a worse finical situation time and time again. What most of these fake guru courses fail to mention is all the mistakes, REI is often portrayed as a flashy luxury lifestyle. After many and we mean MANY resets, mistakes, and foreclosures, Nick and Gordon have learned how to create a sustainable real estate business by wholesaling, fixing and flipping, and holding rental portfolios of over 500+ units.

This weekend is designed to educate all from newbie investors, real estate agents, contractors, and really anyone with the slightest bit of interest in real estate investing on how to achieve passive income and elevate their lifestyle. There is ZERO gatekeeping of information, Nick and Gordon believe in educating those from their mistakes.

When you attend The REI Ignition Weekend you will have everything you need to succeed. Everything step by step will be taught on how to generate leads to closing the deals.

Gordon Thorton,

Nick Aalerud

Action Taker




Would you like to join them?

At the end of the day, I felt like everyone in that room—including Nick—was now my partner in


Cheryl Dwyer

 I would recommend these seminars to anyone who is looking to broaden their knowledge in the Real Estate Investing market. Nick delivers an exciting and interesting presentation that is sure to captivate your interests and pursuits in Real Estate. Nick also answers any and all questions that you may have and honestly shares his successes and challenges to be aware of. A great speaker that you don’t want to miss out on!


I really enjoyed Nick's enthusiasm

and honesty. His stories and openness help to show that anyone can succeed in this business. I didn't fully realize the extent to which networking is one of the true backbones of all facets of the business and how much time will be required to build that network. Nick's stress on the importance of social media and social gatherings was eye-opening. I had previously thought that attending the Southern Maine REIA once a month would be enough, but Nick convinced me that it definitely is not. I will be using social media much more to start building my business.


One of the best workshops I’ve taken - I’ve now got a much better idea of how to prioritize – thanks! Congrats on bringing together a group of serious investors. No fluff on our part because there was no fluff on your part!!

Rosalie Nesbit

I would recommend the REI workshop to anyone at any level of real estate investing, his enthusiasm for it and for helping others achieve their goals is amazing! Nick and his team were fantastic and took the time to make sure you understood a topic before moving forward. Thanks again!

Josh H

This course was well organized and the information was presented in a clear and simple manner. We were left feeling that we CAN do this if we put the time in. Nick is always a pleasant, personable, and positive presenter.

Mary Mady

This course was well organized and the information---------------------- positive presenter.



REI Ignition is an exclusive community for wholesalers, fix & flip investors, landlords, and private lenders of all experience levels who are motivated to take their real estate business to the next level. Our community features an abundance of resources, connections, and knowledge which takes investing from a side hustle to a lifestyle .